Dayton Gunman Connor Betts' Obituary Remembers Him as 'Funny' With 'Kind Smile'

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The obituary for Dayton, Ohio, gunman Connor Betts is stirring outrage after it made no mention of the 24-year-old's mass shooting

Betts was shot dead by police after opening fire early Aug. 4 in Dayton's packed entertainment district. He killed nine people in less than a minute, including his own sibling, and injured 17 others. 

But you wouldn't know it by Betts' obituary, which described him as "a funny, articulate and intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile."

It also described him as an "avid reader" who read the Harry Potter series as a first grader. 

"When Connor wasn't reading on his Kindle or playing his Xbox, you could find him watching his favorite show, 'Bob's Burgers,'" the obituary read.

It offered no apology to his victims.  

"Connor will be missed immensely by his friends, family, and especially his good dog Teddy," it stated. 

The obituary, which was posted on the website for Conner & Koch funeral home in Bellbrook, Ohio, has since been taken down amid fierce backlash.

Brian Koch, the home's funeral director, confirmed its authenticity to The Independent before it was removed. 

“If it’s on our website, it’s real,” Koch said. 


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