Did Meghan Markle Ban Photos of Her at Wimbledon?

One fan claims Meghan's bodyguard asked her not to take photos of the duchess.

Meghan Markle apparently demanded a ban on photos at Wimbledon as she was there to support her friend Serena Williams. 

One spectator claims the duchess’ bodyguard tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Would you not take photographs of the duchess? She's here in a private capacity.”

One man was reportedly trying to take a photo with his cellphone and was confronted by her bodyguard. But as it turned out, he was just there to take a selfie.

Many of the seats around the duchess were empty despite Wimbledon being the hottest ticket in town. Some are speculating   the buffer zone was to give her privacy.

She was surrounded by security guards. The two women seen sitting with Meghan were her pals from Northwestern University outside Chicago, her alma mater.