DNA in Kelsey Berreth's Bathroom Allegedly Belonged to Man Who's Not Patrick Frazee: Report

Social Media/Teller County Sheriff's Office

It was not immediately clear how the authority came to learn that information, which was just one of the many details concerning the case examined by "48 Hours."

DNA in the bathroom of Kelsey Berreth's home discovered in the wake of the 29-year-old mother and pilot's disappearance last Thanksgiving allegedly belonged to a man that was confirmed to not be her estranged fiance, Patrick Frazee, according to a report. 

“When they got the search warrants and went in there specifically with a team … they found blood in the bathroom. Some of that blood was Kelsey’s,” an authority familiar with the details of the case told “48 Hours” correspondent Nikki Battiste in a preview of an upcoming episode of the show that focuses on Berreth's killing.

“There was also a mix of male and female DNA in the sink,” the authority continued. “But the key is, that male DNA did not belong to Patrick Frazee. The physical evidence in this case so far is incredibly weak.”

It was not immediately clear how the authority came to learn that information, which was just one of the many details concerning the case examined by the show. Numerous people connected to the case were also interviewed for the piece, including those closest to Berreth.

“Once I heard that he had been arrested, it just solidified that feeling deep down that I knew that she wasn’t coming back,” a friend of Berreth’s said. 

She spoke of Berreth’s love for flying and dedication to her career, saying: “Once she realized that was her dream, she just went for it.”

Crystal Lee Kenney’s best friend, Michelle Stein, also was interviewed. Kenney, who once dated Frazee, is expected to testify against him.

Stein recalled having a disturbing conversation with Kenney before Berreth disappeared.

“She told me he had asked her to take care of his baby mama,” Stein told Battiste. “And so I was like, I was in shock at first, because, who says that? She said, ‘Yeah, he asked me if I would kill the mother of his baby.’”

Stein admitted neither she nor Kenney reported their concerns to investigators. 

“I’m trusting her to do the right thing,” she said of her deciding to not go to the police. “Of course I regret it. I regret it every day.”

Kenney is the key to the prosecutors’ case against Frazee.

“There’s poison coffees, there’s a baseball bat, scented candles, blindfold, phones that are pinging all over Colorado and in Idaho, all of the clues in the case that investigators are getting are from one person,” KKTV-TV reporter Ashley Franco said of Kenney to Battiste. “She’s the bread and butter to this case. She’s the only person in the world that they have to possibly convict Patrick Frazee. Do we know if any of this is true? Can anyone believe it?”

Frazee's trial is set to begin later this month. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, solicitation to commit first-degree murder, tampering with a deceased human body and crime of violence in connection to the presumed death of Berreth, the mother of his child. She was last seen alive Nov. 22. Her body has not been found.  

“48 Hours: The Murder of Kelsey Berreth” will air Saturday, Oct. 5, at 10 p.m. on CBS.