Dog Goes on Run of Its Life on California Freeway

A pup evades the capture of several good Samaritans while running loose in the middle of traffic.

A 1-year-old pup went on the run of its life last weekend as it zigzagged in between cars on a busy California freeway.

The pug-poodle mix could be seen in video shared to social media this week darting into traffic on the 10 Freeway in Ontario. The pup ran across five lanes as drivers slowed to avoid hitting it.

Brave passers-by even got out of their vehicles to try catching the dog — but to no avail. The pooch was too fast.

"She's running. He's running. They're all trying to catch the dog," the flabbergasted driver recording the video can be heard saying.

The pugapoo even jumped the freeway divider at one point.

Fortunately, the dog is back home with her family and without a scratch on her. Named Maya, the little girl somehow escaped from her Los Angeles-area home and made it 2 1/2 miles away to the freeway, owner Melissa Rodriguez told Inside Edition.