Driver Sideswipes Man on Motorcycle in Road Rage Incident Caught on Camera

"I am so thankful to be walking," the motorcyclist said.

In dramatic video, a car is seen sideswiping a man on a motorcycle in Florida over the weekend.

Darin Hendrickson said he was riding his bike on a local Sarasota road Saturday when he was "brake-checked" by someone in a gray car. He said the car began driving in between lanes.

“I went to pass him and then I was pummeled by a handful of metal, change coins something of such sorts,” Hendrickson told “It didn’t feel very good. There were nicks and scratches and it broke my windscreen.”

Hendrickson said he began trying to get the driver to pull over, but that’s when things took a turn for the worse.  

The pair looks like they are arguing in the video, and then the driver of the car abruptly veers into Hendrickson, causing him to fall off his bike and hit the curb.

"He came right over into my lane, as you see in the video, and ran me over and left me for dead," Hendrickson said. "I mean I was run over by the vehicle, I was dragged by the vehicle."

Hendrickson said he was astonished that he made it out alive.

“I tumbled down the road and jumped up and started running after the vehicle to try to get a part of the plate number,” Hendrickson said. 

Authorities are still looking to identify the driver behind the wheel of the gray Mazda 3 hatchback.

The father-of-one said he had to get staples in his knee and possibly has a few broken ribs.

"I realized that I was still alive after he hit me, and I was thinking of my son," Hendrickson said. "I am so thankful to be walking."