Dubai Nail Salon Lets Customers Scan Fingernails to Share Contact Information

Microchip Manicure Sends People Straight to Your Social Media

Nour Makarem, owner of Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai, has created a paperless contact method for her clients that allows sharing of information through a manicure service.

Clients at a Dubai nail salon can now download their information onto a chip that rests on their nail. 

Nour Makarem, owner of Lanour Beauty Lounge, explains that this high-tech chip acts as a business card, where customers can download their websites, social media, and contacts. 

The microchips can be used with either Android and IOS software, and can be updated with whatever information the patron wants to share.

The idea for the “Microchip Manicure” came from the push for paperless methods during COVID-19. “So I was thinking, why can't I do something different from my beauty salon. Something we can do by our beauty services. So we came up with this idea and it's really doing well." said Makarem.

The nail service starts with a gel polish coat. The loaded chip is then glued down, and the nail is covered with another layer of the durable polish.

"Really excited now that I've had it installed. Now if I'm in a loud place and I want to share my instagram or my social media, I would say: 'Scan my finger!'" said Hanane Spier, a customer of the salon.

“'s the fun and the joys of trying something new. Will it be the future? Maybe. So I might have to always update it, but we will see."

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