Elderly Ohio Man Mistakenly Vaccinated for COVID-19 Twice on Same Day Is Hospitalized for Respiratory Distress

Victor Smith
Inside Edition

The man's daughter said no one seems to know how to treat a COVID-19 vaccine overdose.

A 91-year-old Ohio man has been hospitalized with “respiratory distress” after he was mistakenly vaccinated for COVID-19 twice on the same day. Four hours after receiving a shot at a mass vaccination site near Cincinnati, Victor Smith was given a second shot at his nursing home.

The two doses of the vaccine are supposed to be spaced either 21 or 28 days apart, depending on the manufacturer.

As Smith’s daughter-in-law explained, the second vaccination Smith received was a case of mistaken identity.

“There was a fireman that came in and had a shot for Victor, but it was a different Victor, and they didn't check his name band,” his daughter-in-law told Inside Edition.

Smith's daughter, Dawn, said she's angry and upset over the incident, and said that no one seems to know how to treat a vaccine overdose.

“Nobody can give me an answer, and I think that part of that is because the vaccine is so new,” Dawn told Inside Edition.