Family of Austin Bomber Mark Conditt 'Devastated' Over His Involvement in Attacks

Conditt's aunt claims that the family is normal, and they are "broken" over the news.

A member of Mark Conditt’s family is calling the circumstances surrounding the Texas bombing suspect a revelation that has rocked the family. 

"It's like an earthquake that's just been placed in our family," the suspect’s aunt, Shanee (who did not reveal her last name), told KMGH-TV from her home in Denver Wednesday.

“We are devastated and broken at the news that our family member could be involved in such an awful way," she added. "We had no idea of the darkness that mark must have been in. Our family is a normal family in every way."

Meanwhile, new details have emerged of the bomb that exploded Sunday, injuring two bikers. The 23-year-old had attached a tripwire to a sign he had bought at a hardware store reading, "Caution: Children at play."

Chilling images of Conditt have emerged as surveillance images show him shopping at an electronics store in Austin three day before the first bomb exploded earlier in the month. 

Authorities confirmed that they found bomb components when a SWAT team raided Conditt's home following his death. They also said there were potential homemade explosives in the home. 

Conditt used the alias "Kelly Killmore" as he shipped suspicious packages that contained the explosives. 

Images from a local FedEx office show him using pink gloves when he mailed the boxes. 

Investigators learned they were construction gloves, and were available at Home Depot. When they checked local branches, they found security video that showed the same guy.

Authorities are revealing that Conditt recorded a 25-minute video confession shortly before he blew himself up Wednesday.

As news of Conditt's suicide went national, his mother sent a text message to a friend saying: "Pray for our family. We are under attack."