Family Grows From 5 Members to 11 After the Birth of Sextuplets

The three boys and three girls are expected to remain in the NICU for the next month.

And then there were 11.

An Alabama woman delivered six healthy babies Tuesday, three boys and three girls, who join the couple's three older sons.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop were trying for a girl, but resorted to fertility treatments after she suffered several miscarriages. 

Courtney ended up with six embryos and decided to carry all of them.

Eric, who owns a landscaping company, and Courtney, a first grade teacher, had been worried about the expenses the pregnancy would bring, as well as the cost of raising all of their children.

Their church chipped in, holding a fundraiser for the family with an elaborate gender reveal party that featured plumes of pink and blue smoke.

Courtney had been confined to bed rest for the past few weeks. On Tuesday, her water broke.

"Everything happens on God's timing," she wrote on the family's Facebook page. "And he knew my body couldn't last much longer and it was time to meet our six precious gifts from God."

Her body, she said, "is in complete shock after growing six babies," and she feels weak.

"The prayers from all of you got us through surgery and prayers were answered for our babies to be healthy. They're oh so very little but absolutely perfect!" she wrote.

The babies are expected to spend about a month in the NICU. The boys' names are Blue, Layke and Tag, while the girls are Rawlings, Rayne and Rivers.