Family Holds Each Other Close as Earthquake Rocks Alaska

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The terrifying moment an Alaskan family experienced Friday’s catastrophic earthquake was caught on camera. 

In the video, Tony Skilja grabbed his little girl and ran out the front door barefoot, wearing only shorts and a T-shirt in the snow as his wife, Jennifer, quickly joined her family for an embrace. 

Tony and Jennifer were relaxing at home in Alaska with their 4-year-old daughter, Sophia, when that 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit. 

“The house was still shaking while we were still outside, you can see the houses from outside swaying from left and right. It was pretty intense,” Tony told Inside Edition.  

The drama was all caught on their home security cameras

“I was just crying hysterically. Luckily, it stopped pretty quickly once we got outside, but it was just really scary,” Jennifer said.  


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