Fashion Tycoon Peter Nygard Allegedly Ran Sex Trafficking Ring at Caribbean Hideaway

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of 10 anonymous women alleges that Peter Nygard ran a sex trafficking ring at his remote estate in the Bahamas.

Peter Nygard is one of the biggest names in fashion.

The Canadian billionaire travels in a private jet with his name emblazoned on the fuselage. His flagship store is in Times Square. And he always seems to be surrounded by young, beautiful women.

Nygard owns homes all over the world, including a massive Bahamas estate where he has entertained politicians, celebrities and other high-profile guests. The island, known as Nygard Cay also features a beachfront mansion with an aquarium, a helipad and a casino.

But a new lawsuit filed by attorneys Greg Gutzler and Lisa Haba on behalf of 10 anonymous women alleges that Nygard ran a sex trafficking ring on the remote island.

"He would target the women that he felt were the most attractive to him, that met the body type he was looking for. And he used whatever was needed to make sure those women ended up in his bed and he was able to hurt them," Haba told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition Chief Correspondent Lisa Guerrero spoke to Victoria Sarne, a woman who says she was Nygard's personal assistant for a time in the early '90s. Sarne said that women visiting Nygard's estate would come down in the morning looking "absolutely dreadful" and ask her to get them out of there.

"We'd say, 'No, we can't, because we didn't bring you in, so you've got to go ask him for your plane ride back,'" Sarne said.

Peter Nygard has not been charged criminally and denies all allegations of wrongdoing.  One of Nygard's attorneys said he "never treated women inappropriately." 

The attorneys who filed the lawsuit said additional women have now come forward with similar allegations.

"We are standing behind these survivors who have bravely come forward, put their names on the line, so his reign of terror will continue no more," Haba said.

Nygard’s spokesman calls the claims completely false and without foundation and says the lawsuit is part of a decade-long effort by one of Nygard's wealthy neighbors in the Bahamas to destroy his reputation through false statements — something the neighbor denies.