FBI's 'Run. Hide. Fight.' Video on Surviving Mass Shooting Sparks Concerns for State of America

The slogan "Run. Hide. Fight." appears throughout the FBI's video on surviving an active shooter.
The slogan "Run. Hide. Fight." appears throughout the FBI's video on surviving an active shooter.FBI

While many Americans, and especially school children, are familiar with the phrase, "run, hide, fight," many outside of the country are shocked that a guide on surviving mass shootings had to be released at all.

A video on how to survive a mass shooting by the FBI is gaining new traction to much criticism from those who say, “this is what it has come to.”

Actor George Takei, most famous for his role in the original series of "Star Trek," reshared a link to the video earlier this month with the caption, “this is what it has come to.”

The video, originally released in 2020, is titled “Run. Hide. Fight.” It is a slogan many American school children and those who have undergone active shooter training are unfortunately familiar with.

In addition to the three most important tactics – run if you can, hide if you can’t flee, and fight if there are no other choices ­– the FBI’s video includes various other tips, like apply pressure on any gunshot wounds until medical officials arrive, and flee the scene with your hands up so police do not mistake you for an active shooter.

While many are resharing the video with the hopes it saves lives, others are also pointing out the dystopia in considering a mass shooting as an eventuality rather than a rarity.

A Canadian Twitter user wrote, “This ad would be absolutely unthinkable in [any] other developed country.”

“America's gun problem is hurting it economically, both in a loss of tourists and in foreign talent choosing not to move there,” said a venture capitalist based in Europe, who reshared the video on his LinkedIn.

An older man from Florida tweeted, “So we are learning to defend against an attacker and teaching battlefield first aid and not choosing to outlaw weapons of war owned by civilians.”

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