Feisty Squirrel in Turkey Protects the Gold and Money in a Jewelry Store Cash Register

According to the squirrel's rescuer, Mehmet Yuksel, Memocan’s intuition helps him understand that cash is valuable.

Although this squirrel is tiny, it’s still ferocious. And the little creature handles a big job: being a security guard.

This injured and orphaned squirrel, named Memocan, was rescued by a jewelry store owner in Turkey. While his injuries heal, Memocan has been given free rein of the store. He’s even picked up a new career skill of protecting the cash register.

Memocan’s rescuer, Mehmet Yuksel, says, "Memocan immediately steps in when a stranger attempts to take the money and gold in our cash register and attacks.”

The squirrel has gotten so protective of the money, Memocan won’t even let store employees besides Mehmet near the cash register. And don’t underestimate this little bruiser, as he’s been known to make people bleed.

According to Mehmet, Memocan’s intuition helps him understand the cash is valuable. “He cannot speak, but he has a gut feeling."

Though these two have clearly created quite a bond, Mehmet says when Memocan’s paw has healed, he’ll be released back into the wild. And his next security guard will probably require more than nuts for payment.

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