Florida 17-Year-Old Arrested After Shooting 5-Year-Old Following Argument With Child’s Parent: Authorities

Police photo of Jaelin Tito Hope

17-year-old Jaelin Tito Hope has been arrested on three felony charges following the shooting of a 5-year-old and injury of an 8-year-old police say happened after an argument with the 5-year-old’s father.

On Tuesday, Jaelin Tito Hope, 17, was arrested after a 5-year-old was shot and critically injured, according to a press release from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

According to the release, shots were fired following an argument Tuesday night between the 17-year-old and the 5-year-old’s father.

A 5-year-old suffered a gunshot wound and was airlifted to a hospital in Gainesville before having surgery, and an 8-year-old who was in the same car had minor injuries from shattered glass, per the sheriff's office statement.

Deputies stated that the child was in critical but stable condition upon their last check, according to the statement. 

According to the release, the child’s father said he thought the teenager had flagged him down as he was driving, so he turned the vehicle around. The father said that an argument began when he pulled up to the 17-year-old, and the teen pulled out a gun, according to the sheriff’s office statement. 

The child’s mother said the teen appeared to be walking away but then she heard gunshots, according to the sheriff’s statement.

Authorities stated that the 5-year-old was shot while in the car and the father drove to State Road 20 and Keuka Road, where they were met by emergency personnel.

According to the release, the teen was located later in the evening and was arrested on three felony charges — one count of aggravated battery, three counts of aggravated assault, and one count of firing a missile into a vehicle.

The sheriff’s office stated that the teen was taken to the Putnam County jail before being transported to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility, according to the release.

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