As the Flu Runs Rampant Across U.S., How to Avoid the Deadly Virus at Your Super Bowl Party

A delicious food spread for the big game can be a breeding ground for germs.

It's bad news for football fans: Those Super Bowl snacks could make you super sick.

With all the goodies spread out for the big game this weekend, it could be a breeding ground for the flu virus. 

Protecting the food should be priority No. 1, starting with chips and salsa.

"There are so many points of contact during a Super Bowl party that you can see how easy it is to spread germs," Dr. Roshini Raj told Inside Edition. 

Don’t double dip the chips into the dips. Also, a great way to get chips is put them in a bowl and use tongs to pluck them out and put them on a plate so no one is sticking their hands into the bowl. 

The mini bites are delicious, but keep your hands off the plate. The same goes for the cheese and meats, use toothpicks in an effort to avoid contact with other food. 

If you have loose candy like M&Ms, don’t have people reach into the bag and contaminate the candy. Place the candy in a bowl with a spoon.

It's easy to grab the wrong cup, which could make you sick, so put markers out and allow your guests to write their names on their cup.

Folks rooting for the hometown team at parties in Philadelphia and Boston should be extra careful, considering that cities sending teams to the Super Bowl show an 18 percent increase in flue deaths, according to one study. 

But the best advice to remember is perhaps staying home if you know you're sick or feel an illness coming on. If you are hosting the party, it's probably best to cancel it to avoid spreading germs to your guests.