Former 'Playboy' Playmates Have 'Toxic' Breast Implants Removed After They Make Them Sick

One of the former models called her implants a "ticking time bomb" in her chest.

These former Playboy playmates are going public about a very personal issue, saying they were forced to remove their breast implants after they caused serious health problems. 

When they posed for Playboy years ago, implants were all the rage in cosmetic surgery

The women agree that if they had known they were toxic or dangerous, they never would have gotten them in the first place. 
Karen McDougal, who still models and hosts a sports radio show, says her vision got so blurry at one point that she was virtually confined to her bed.

"I was passing out consistently all day long," she told Inside Edition. "I had such severe migraines, I was literally bed-bound."

Stay-at-home mom Loredana trusted her intuition when she began having issues. 

“Everyone thought I was crazy,” she said. "I knew it wasn't in my head." 

Kimberly Holland, who left modeling to become a registered nurse, says she grew alarmed after her fingers started turning white.

“My fingers would go numb," she said. "Leg would go numb." 

Former Playmate Jamie Westenhiser-Sasso now runs a farm for rescue animals in South Florida. After hearing all these horror stories, she underwent breast "explant" surgery, saying she did not want to take any chances. 
McDougal and Loredana followed. Holland had hers removed after hearing about possibly contaminated implants, which she calls a “ticking time bomb” in her chest. 

Dr. David Rankin, a plastic surgeon in Jupiter, Fla., performed the "explant" surgeries on McDougal and Holland. He believes implants are safe but why they would be making so many women sick remains a mystery.

“Is it the silicon, something in the shell or the gel?” he asked. 

The former playmates say they have no regrets about taking the implants out.