Group of Scottish 'Swimmers' Do Laps in the Snow to Raise Money for Community Pool

In below-freezing temperatures, a group of Scottish 'swimmers' paddle through snow.

Four brave, or very silly, Scots donned their trunks and 'swam' in the snow to raise money for their community pool.

Video of the men, in below-freezing temperatures, has gone viral. It shows them doing the breast stroke, and the back stroke, in a field of white, fluffy snow. 

The members of the Lochbrrom Leisure Centre had hoped to raise a few hundred dollars to keep up with pool costs such as maintenance and cleaning. But viewers of their funny antics have donated more than $700 thus far.

About 100 people showed up in the bitter cold to watch. "I have done a few crazy things in the past, but this was nuts on a whole new level," said long distance and ice swimmer Norman Todd, according to The Scottish Sun. "It was great fun to watch and fantastic that they are raising money for such a valuable community resource."