'Guy With 2 Phones' Taking Selfies During Super Bowl Halftime Show Revealed as Former Player

Freddie Mitchell was on the Super Bowl team that took on the New England Patriots in 2005.

Life is only getting better for Ryan McKenna, the kid whose selfie with Justin Timberlake made him a viral sensation, but more has been revealed about another viral star nearby.

At the time of the enviable selfie with Timberlake in the middle of the Super Bowl halftime show, cameras also caught another guy taking photos with two cellphones behind Timberlake and McKenna.

Inside Edition has discovered the man is former Philadelphia Eagles star Freddie Mitchell. Mitchell played for the team the Super Bowl against the Patriots in 2005. 

He says that one of the phones was his, while other belonged to a teammate who was too shy to get himself up. 

He shared some of the video he shot with Inside Edition and he says he was so busy taking in all the activity around him that he forgot to take a selfie for himself. 

“Justin Timberlake, I need my own selfie now!" Mitchell told Inside Edition. "I need my own selfie!"

Meanwhile, Sunday River, the ski resort in Maine whose sweatshirt McKenna was wearing at the time of the famous Timberlake selfie is giving him season passes as a big thank you for the free publicity. 

After the chaos in Philadelphia, the city's mayor is pleading with Eagles fans to control themselves at Thursday’s Super Bowl victory parade.

Mayor Jim Kenney revealed that cops are studying videos of Sunday night's destructive mayhem to identify suspects. 

“The small number of knuckleheads should stay home," he told reporters Tuesday. "Every city that’s gone through this... has had this celebration – there’s always somebody, some element of people who do this. There were literally tens of thousands of people on the street, and the knucklehead contingent was extremely small.”

He said one guy involved in up-ending a car has already turned himself in.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy was on display at the mayor's press conference and even that caused a scene as photographers got aggressive with one another while trying to snap photos. 

The mayor had to plead with them to stop fighting. 

Just-released police radio broadcasts from Sunday night tell a story of havoc in the streets. 

“A male jumped off a light pole and landed on his head,” was one dispatch. “It appears to be extremely horrible. We need a rescue here.” 

“It's endless, chief! Endless!,” another officer was heard saying. 

Sports psychologist Dr. Leah Lagos explained to Inside Edition why fans can celebrate a victory in such violent fashion.

"There is a mob mentality, a contagion theory that when people actions become anonymous they become inclined to engage in uninhibited behavior such as violence," she said.  

And as if losing the Super Bowl wasn't bad enough, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski arrived home to find his house had been burglarized. 

Among the stolen items were multiple safes and possibly firearms, according to ESPN.

“It's kind of a tough combination to have suffered this unfortunate loss and then to get home and be a victim of this kind of crime,” authorities told reporters.