Harvey Weinstein Attacked in Restaurant by Obscenity-Shouting Stranger

A fellow diner was allegedly drunk when he slapped the disgraced film producer.

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was allegedly slapped in the face twice inside an Arizona restaurant by a fellow patron. 

It happened Tuesday night at Elements Restaurant in Scottsdale, where Weinstein is in rehab.

A total stranger allegedly slapped Weinstein across the face twice with the back of his hand. Video of the incident, obtained by TMZ, shows Weinstein stumbling in shock before gaining his footing.

The assailant was seen using foul language as he yelled at Weinstein. 

The incident reportedly began after the assailant first asked Weinstein for a photo, saying he liked his films. The shamed producer said no and carried on with his dinner. Later in the night, the assailant, who was reportedly intoxicated, attacked Weinstein. 

“You’re a piece of s*** for what you did to these women,” the assailant reportedly said. 

Weinstein has been spotted at Scottsdale-area restaurants before, usually in a hat to obscure his identity.

The attack came two days after the Golden Globes, which Weinstein has ruled like a king in past years. This year, of course, revelations about his behavior led almost every female attendee to wear black.