Two-Headed Calf Surprises Farmer After Being Born

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A baby calf was recently born with two faces at a farm in Baker County, Florida.

The calf named Annabel, has two heads, four eyes, two mouths, noses and ears. The newborn cannot feed from her mother so she is bottle fed.

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WJXT visited the farm and spoke to the farmer, Dwight Crews.

He said, “She [mom] will come in and lick her and smell her and make sure she is okay, I guess. She goes back out and stays gone a while and come back and check on her again.”

Dwight has been working on the farm for 60 years and has never seen one of his cow's give birth to a calf so unique.

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“It is a two headed calf! I have heard of them but I have never seen one of them before. This is my first one,” he said.

Annabelle can't walk and her head is very heavy. Ripley's Believe It Or Not reached out to the farm and says that 40 days is the longest a two faced calf has ever lived.

“I would like to see her live and actually be able to get up and walk and function,” Dwight said.

It's sad that the odd's are not in Annabelle’s favor to survive but we can always hope for a miracle.

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