Model Who Dated Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend: He's Still a 'Bad Boy'

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The woman who dated Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend for two years before the Hollywood star says he's still a "bad boy."

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, model and singer Paris St. John detailed her lengthy relationship with Bryan Randall, who is 26 years her senior.

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She said that, despite reports that he's had angry outbursts, he does not have a temper.

"His past is his past," she said. "He certainly wasn't a danger to me. I think it's silly that people are talking about it."

It recently emerged that one of his neighbors sought a temporary restraining order against Randall in 2012, claiming he had an "erratic temper." The neighbor told INSIDE EDITION last week that he made up the allegations.

But Paris added that Randall definitely falls into the "bad boys" category.

"He is still that bad boy – his twang, his personality," she said.

Paris is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles and the daughter of soap star Kristoff St John of The Young and The Restless. Her mother professional boxer Mia St. John

She revealed that she initiated the break-up with Randall because “there were frictions between our ambitions” and she wanted some time alone.

But after they broke up, he met Sandra Bullock during a photo shoot, Paris said. When she learned they were dating so soon after the break-up, she was surprised.

"My heart weighed an extra 1,000 pounds for a minute," she said.

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But Paris, who is no longer in contact with Bryan and is not dating anyone new herself, wishes the new couple the best.

"I am so excited for him and this new chapter," she said. "It’s quite possible he’s in love."

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