Watch Howie Mandel Talk About Squirrels as He Wakes Up From Anesthesia

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Howie Mandel's son is lucky his dad loves him.

Alex Mandel, himself an actor and comedian, filmed his famous dad as he came around from anesthesia following an endoscopy.

"I love my children," he filmed his dad saying. "My son is so great!"

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In the nearly 10-minute video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday, a groggy Mandel slurs his words as he struggles to open his eyes.

"I'll tell you something... Women make sweaters," he tells his son, before adding: "You know what I thought? Squirrels don't talk. They have so much to say."

He finally comes to.

"I don't remember the procedure," he tells the nurse. "But I believe I had an amazing endoscopy just because I'm positive."

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The medical test did indeed go well, his son assures viewers.

"Everything is completely normal and fine," Alex tells the camera.

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