Friendly Seal Stops By Kayak For a Hug... And Won't Leave

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A friendly seal hopped aboard a kayak for a hug - and wouldn't leave.

Vincent Fejeran was fishing by the Coronado Bridge in California when his new friend jumped on the kayak.

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"Seals come up to the kayaks all the time," Fejeran told INSIDE EDITION. "He swam around and he had jumped on the side of the kayak. I thought he’d jump off."

But the seal wasn't going anywhere.

In an adorable video shared to YouTube, Fejeran appears tickled by his new buddy, who snuggled right up against his back.

"Anybody looking for a seal?" he says. "I seem to have acquired one."

Fejeran told IE the seal stayed on the kayak for around 45 minutes. 

"He was on my back and he stayed on the entire time," he said. "I didn’t know what he was doing. He laid down on the back [of the kayak] for a few minutes. I felt him breathing on my neck.

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"Even when we got to shore he hung out with me for 20 minutes... When we left he tried to follow me up to the truck and kept trying to stay with us."

They eventually lured him back to the water using food.

"He was very friendly that’s for sure," Fejeran added.

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