Baby Gorilla is Born at Zoo in Rare Emergency C-Section

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An unprecedented emergency Cesarean was performed in the U.K. earlier this month - not on a human, but on a gorilla.

Kera, a Western Iowland gorilla, was rushed into emergency surgery at the Bristol Zoo - the first time a gorilla had been birthed by C-section at the zoo, and one of only a handful of times around the world.

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Her mom, Kera, was suffering from high blood pressure and what seemed to be life-threatening pre-eclampsia, experts determined. Veterinarians believed that the baby was also in life-threatening danger at the time.

The Bristol Zoo said that the best course of action was to bring in Professor David Cahill, a professor in reproductive medicine and a gynecologist.

"The birth of any gorilla is a rare and exciting event, but the birth of a baby gorilla by Cesarean section is even more unusual," Cahill said in a press release.

The baby gorilla was born weighing 2lbs, 10oz and initially needed help breathing. 

The unnamed baby is now doing well, and is receiving round-the-clock care from experienced gorilla keepers, the Bristol Zoo reported on Facebook.

She is not yet ready to be on show to the public.

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While Cahill is experienced in delivering human babies by C-section, this was his first time delivering a baby gorilla in this manner.

“Along with having my own children, this is probably one of the biggest achievements of my life and something I will certainly never forget," Cahill said.

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