This Dog On A Lawnmower is Ready To Clean Up After A Storm

She's no doubt seen some memorable sights while working as a reporter, but KYTX's Andrea Martinez had never seen anything quite like this before.

While reporting on the aftermath of a storm in Malakoff, Texas, she spotted a dog sitting behind the wheel of a lawnmower, as if ready to help clean up. Footage shows her bursting into laughter.

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"It was a funny sight and definitely made our day amongst all the crazy weather!" Martinez told

As a video shared by KYTX shows, she and her photographer, Jason, were checking out the damage when they suddenly noticed the dog in a nearby yard.

"At first I thought maybe I was just seeing things," Martinez said. "But nope, sure enough, a lab on a lawnmower. I just couldn't stop laughing!"

As they filmed, the pooch looked nonchalantly in their direction.

"Oh my God!" she screamed behind the camera. "Look at that dog!"


While surveying the damage in Malakoff, Andrea Martinez KYTX stumbled upon an interesting scene, to say the least. Watch the video below! #cbs19wx

Posted by KYTX CBS19 on Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The camera captured her uncontrollable giggles - and she wasn't the only one who was tickled.

"It was feeding back live to the control room... So they all got a laugh in too!" she said.

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While some viewers have commented that the dog looked injured in the video - perhaps by the storm - a KYTX photographer confirmed that he checked it out and the dog was fine.

Their yard seemed untouched by the storm, he wrote on Facebook.

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