Even The Math Teacher Got This Simple Question Wrong

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Math is not for everyone, but can this math teacher possibly have gotten it wrong?

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One Reddit user posted this picture of a simple word problem, that doesn't seem to be as simple as this teacher thought.

The question: "Marty ate 4/6 of his pizza and Luis ate 5/6 of his pizza. Marty ate more pizza than Luis. How is that possible?"

The student answered, simply: "Marty's pizza is bigger than Luis' pizza."

But the teacher seemed to disagree. The teacher marked the answer wrong, stating: "That is not possible because 5/6 is greater than 4/6 so Luis ate more."

So who is correct? The student or the teacher?

While 5/6 is more than 4/6, the teacher assumed that both fractions measured the same whole.

So the teacher is correct ... if both pizzas were the same size.

If Marty simply ordered a large pizza, while Luis ordered a personal sized one, Marty could have easily eaten more pizza by only eating 4/6 of his pizza.

But the question never explicitly states how big each pizza was. Nor does it state whether there was a third pizza!

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Perhaps it's time for this math teacher to attend some English classes.

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