7-Year-Old Girl Born Without Arms Does Everything With Her Own 2 Feet

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This Utah girl was born without arms, but her two feet are more than enough for her to do everything else.

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Sophi Green was adopted from China when she was just 2 years old by parents Christianne and Jeremy Green, making her the youngest member of their family of nine children.

In Christianne's blog, she wrote that she was compelled to try adoption after giving birth to three children, but losing two others to miscarriages.

The couple has since adopted six children with special needs from China, and each child had a unique quality that drew the couple.

"Sophi had these beautiful big eyes," her mom Christianne of Herriman said in an interview with Barcroft Media, "and we actually noticed these before even thinking about the fact she didn’t have arms."

Despite the challenges the family might face due to her disability, Christianne and Jeremy had already fallen in love with the little girl, and adopted her alongside her older sister, Lexie, who is blind.

Right after they adopted the sisters, Christianne said she recalled buying Sophi an ice cream cone: "I was ready to feed it to her and I held it out and she just snatched it up with her little foot and started eating it all by herself," she said.

From that moment onward, it was clear that Sophi's two feet would do just as much, if not more, than if she had arms, too.

7-year-old Sophi can pick up food with chopsticks, paint her own toe nails and even write using her dexterous feet.

To make the home more accessible to her needs, the Green family replaced door knobs with handles so she could open doors with her chin. They even installed a sink 18 inches above the ground that she can reach to wash her feet for dinner.

Even though Green family was originally told she may not be able to walk, her favorite thing to do is dance.

"I like dancing because it makes me feel happy," Sophi said.

She takes one-on-one lessons with an instructor, and, with the musical talents of her older brother Connor, she makes up her own routines.

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Her confidence has quickly made her to be one of the most popular girls in the class, but her mom said it hasn't always been that way.

On her first day of class, her curious classmates asked, "Why don't you have arms?" She arrived home that day, crying and afraid to go to class, Barcroft reported.

"I decided to go in and talk to the class on the first day," Christianne said. "We made a little video of her showing all the things she can do. We went and talked to the children and they were wonderful."

Now, when people ask what happened to her arms, she might respond, "A shark ate them!" or, "I buried them!"

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