Elderly Horse That Avoided Slaughterhouse by Blending In With Donkeys Is Showered With Gifts

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Fans around the country are showering Bubbles, an elderly horse, with goodies off his Amazon wish list after he escaped a slaughterhouse by blending in with miniature donkeys headed for a shelter.

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From liver treats to dog toys to cleaning supplies, followers of Bubbles' story have been flooding Becky's Hope Horse Rescue in Frisco, Texas, with gifts for the horse.

"Never has a donkey been more surprised and humbled by such an outpouring of kindness from humans all over the world," a post on the horse's Facebook wrote.

It all started when volunteers posted on Bubbles' Facebook page, explaining that temperatures in North Texas had started to drop.

Supporters started sending in blankets, and eventually, more fan mail began piling in.

The rescue has since even started an Amazon Wish List of different supplies they need around the shelter for generous fans of his story.

Last month, Bubbles was due to be sent to a slaughterhouse, when he noticed a pack of miniature donkeys leaving with a volunteer group from Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, and decided to tag along.

"This skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, past the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees," the rescue wrote on their Facebook page. "It seems that he thought nobody would notice him escaping if he simply mixed in with the mini donkeys."

They eventually paid $450 for Bubbles, and agreed to take the elderly horse to the rescue.

"This sweet old man won our hearts the minute he decided it was the perfect time to escape the kill lot," the rescue wrote. "Bubbles is now safe here at Becky's Hope where he continues to hang out with his mini donkey cohorts."

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