Meet the Unlikely Ballerina With Incredible Body Confidence Who Is Inspiring Everyone to Dance

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She may not look like your average ballerina, but this 15-year-old can perfectly execute the moves of a pro.

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Lizzy Howell is being hailed an inspiration and role model for all because of her full figure.

“There are not very many plus-sized dancers in the dance community,” she told Inside Edition. “They are all very tall and lean. And I haven't seen very many dancers my size do what I do.”

She said she has spent about two-and-a-half years trying to master the moves and “I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can do them. “

She added: “I've had people tell me I won't get very far in dance because of the way I look. I've had doctors tell me I shouldn't be dancing because of my joints and other issues.”

The Delaware teen has been dancing for ten years and she is breaking down barriers with her body confidence.

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“Seeing a chubbier dancer go out on stage people think she can't do everything," she said. "Then they see me dance, and they see I can do what everyone else can and they are all surprised." 

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