Boy, 8, Captured On Video Saying Pledge of Allegiance While Waiting On Friend's Lawn In Cute Show of Patriotis

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A Utah boy was captured on camera performing an adorable display of patriotism

Wyatt Warner, 8, was captured saying the pledge of allegiance in front of the flag in his friend's front yard.

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Wyatt's mother, Jami Warner, said her neighbor Emily Zarr texted the video to her  on June 2.

“I cheered up when I saw it. I thought it so sweet and so cute. It’s just like my Wyatt. Everything he does, he does 100 percent,” Warner told 

Warner also said that their family talks to Wyatt about how privileged he is to live in a free country and they believe he has truly internalized their lessons.

Wyatt also says the pledge every morning in his third grade class. 

“We have people in our family who has served. He really does love the country,” Warner said. 

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Warner said she never expected the video to get all of the attention it has, but she is happy that Wyatt is being recognized for something good. 

“A lot of people don’t see that sweet tender side to him. He is very passionate about whatever he does,” Warner said. 

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