Woody Allen Roasts Diane Keaton as She Receives Achievement Award: 'She Prefers to Look Old'

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Woody Allen was seen some jabs at Diane Keaton as she received the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Thursday night.

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“I didn't know she was bulimic. These things came out in her book. We'd have dinner, she'd tell me she loved me and she'd throw up,” the filmmaker joked.

Keaton dated Allen back in the 1970s and starred in eight of his films, including Annie Hall, which earned her an Oscar.

“When we started going out she meant to refer to me as a talented young director, but instead called me a stepping stone,” he said. “She's been involved romantically with half a dozen charismatic attractive men in Hollywood. Every one has dumped her.”

The Godfather actress, now 71, took it all in stride and laughed along as the Manhattan director piled on the insults.

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“She's never succumbed to any face work. She's very uncompromising. She prefers to look old,” he said. “Her beauty is not conventional and by conventional I mean pleasing to the eye.”

After poking fun at his lifelong friend, 81-year-old Woody Allen had a heartfelt message as he declared: “Much of what I have accomplished I owe to her."

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