Hockey Player Saves Man Having Heart Attack on Opposing Team

Hockey player and physician Craig Bryant sprang into action during a pickup hockey game when another player had a massive heart attack and collapsed.

A game of pickup hockey turned into a nightmare when one of the players went into cardiac arrest.

Jib Street collapsed in a moment caught on tape in North Carolina, but thankfully one of the other players was a doctor.

Dr. Craig Bryant, an emergency room physician, stepped in to help Street and quickly performed CPR. When that failed, he used a defibrillator, bringing Street back to life.

"If he did not receive immediate attention, he probably wouldn't be with us right now," Bryant said. "We administered that shock and administered that CPR for another minute and a half, and [he] started breathing on his own.

When EMS arrived, team members with skates helped to rush them over to Street.

Street apparently only remembers Bryant hovering over him after the ordeal.

"I was looking up at Dr. Bryant and a first responder, EMS guy that was in the ambulance and I had my hockey gear on and two unmatching socks so I didn't know I was going to be going for an ambulance ride that day," Street said.

Street had a serious heart attack and spent six days hospitalized, but he is expected to make a full recovery. 

"The chances of having a cardiac arrest, but having it 10 yards away from an emergency room doctor in an ice rink that's equipped with a defibrillator, I am a blessed man. I am very, very lucky," Street said.

Street gifted Bryant a signed hockey jersey for his saving him.