How to Keep Your Dogs Calm During Fireworks

Your pets don't have to be scared this July 4.

Dogs might be in for quite the scare this Fourth of July as fireworks light the skies. 

Each year, social media is flooded with videos of dogs freaking out. Some pets even need to be held just to calm down. 

One retired police dog in Indianapolis went missing because she got spooked by an early Fourth of July fireworks display this year.

“Within a matter of 10 minutes, she chewed herself out of the back gate and was gone,” the dog’s owner, Lisa Graves, said. 

The ASPCA says more dogs run away in the month of July than any other month. 

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber has some tips for keeping your dog safe this holiday. 

“Make sure that the yards are escape-proof, put them in a room with a closed window,” Werber said.  “Also, one of the most important times to have appropriate ID on your dog is Fourth of July.”

He also suggested giving treats and toys to your dog while the fireworks shoot off. 

“It distracts the dog and it's very effective,” Werber said.