Illinois Family Invents Ingenious 'Hug Time' Station for Great-Grandma

Rose Gagnon, 85, usually hugs her great-grandchildren every day, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced her to stay home.

Miss hugging your grandparents during the coronavirus pandemic? One Illinois granddaughter has come up with an ingenious way for her kids to hug their 85-year-old great-grandmother. 

Carly Marinaro made a hug time station in her Rockford, Illinois front yard using PVC pipes, thick sheets of plastic and duct tape for her grandmother, Rose Gagnon. The station allows the kids to hug Rose while protecting her from germs and respecting social distancing rules. And it fills a real need. 

"I see them every day normally, so this was kind of a challenge not to be able to see them, not to be able to hug them," Gagnon told CBS affiliate WIFR. "My heart felt like it was going to burst."

And Marinaro is happy her invention has brought a smile to others, too. "We’re not meant to be apart like this or be isolated, so it’s sad for those people who can’t be around their family members," she told the station. "I’m just glad we could share this kind of happiness with people."