Is It Coronavirus or Allergies?

The symptoms of each condition are much different.

Much of the southern United States is experiencing "leaf out," with spring hitting two to three weeks early this year.

Itchy eyes and cough may just be seasonal allergies, but with the coronavirus raging across the country, how can you tell the difference?

Dr. Cliff Bassett's phone has been ringing off the hook with nervous patients.

"Many are concerned or worried that they have coronavirus," Bassett told Inside Edition. 

One allergy sufferer said she gets allergies every year, but she's still worried and said that in the back of her mind, she wonders if it could be COVID-19. 

But the tell-tale signs of each condition are much different.

Coronavirus symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing and fatigue. If you are sneezing and have scratchy, watery eyes, it's likely allergies. 

"People who have allergies, they respond very well to medications for allergies," Bassett said. "Be proactive. Start early to prevent and reduce symptoms."