Is the Milkman Making a Comeback Thanks to Social Distancing?

Reemerging from the depths of an era that brought us “Leave it to Beaver,” and “I Love Lucy,” is the bygone profession is making a return thanks to social distancing. 

The milkman has been welcomed back into the popular fold as more and more people stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic

Reemerging from the depths of an era that brought us “Leave it to Beaver” and “I Love Lucy” the bygone profession is making a return, thanks to social distancing

Matt Marone delivers milk in Westchester County, New York, mostly to schools and daycare centers, but said that when the coronavirus outbreak closed all of those buildings, and forced many people inside their own homes, home delivery started to pick up. 

“People think the milkman is a thing from the past, but I tell people it was never gone,” he told CBS New York. 

Marone's sales have doubled since the state has urged people to stay home, he said. 

Margaret Scarcella, who has been getting milk deliveries for 10 years, said this service is now more vital to her than ever. 

“I’m a cancer survivor not too far out of chemo, and the doctor recommends I stay home. So, obviously, the less I’m around a crowded bunch of people, the healthier I am and my family is,” she told WCBS. 

Now this pandemic could show many other people how the "old way" of doing things could be better.  

“They’re realizing that it’s something they can count on. Like the old saying, ‘rain, sleet, snow,’ even with the world today, we’re still delivering, still making deliveries, and making people happy,” Marone added.