'It Looks Like It's Snowing Out Here in Downtown Manhattan': Inside Edition Among First Media on Scene on 9/11

Reporter Matt Meagher, correspondent April Woodard and cameramen Brad Waite and Steve Shapiro were among the first media on scene as the disaster unfolded. Twenty years later, a look back on the unforgettable scenes.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the Inside Edition morning meeting was underway, when the world changed forever.

Inside Edition’s Matt Meagher was one of the first reporters on scene as hundreds of people fled the collapsing towers.

“A big explosion has just occurred. Everyone is running from the entire Financial District now. The smoke is filling the entire area,” Meagher said, his voice growing more urgent.

Cameraman Brad Waite captured moments never to be forgotten.

Correspondent April Woodard was already there when she encountered Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was getting his first look at the disaster.

“As you can see, there’s debris all over. It looks like it's snowing out here in downtown Manhattan,” Woodard said as ash rained down.

Cameraman Steve Shapiro found himself in the midst of the chaos, as day turned to night. The devastating scenes he filmed that day seem almost apocalyptic. 

Shapiro followed desperate people as they sought safety in a bomb shelter. A filmmaker who was shooting plumes of smoke was pulled into a juice bar, just as daylight turned to dark. Others hid in a deli. 

Twenty years later, they remain unforgettable moments from one of America's most tragic days.

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