James Bond's Iconic Aston Martin Is Getting an Upgrade

The vehicle that gained popularity through James Bond films is on its way to receiving an "upcycle."

The well-known Aston Martin is getting an upgrade thanks to an electrification process.

Known for its role in the Bond movies, the Aston Martin DB6 — even though James Bond actually drives a DB5 — is regarded as the epitome of British motoring style since 1965 when it was first introduced. 

David Lorenz, CEO and founder of electrification specialists Lunaz, is upgrading the vehicle, where each electrified Aston Martin DB6 will undergo an exhaustive bare-metal restoration Lunaz calls “re-manufacturing.” 

"I want to preserve these vehicles for future generations to come,” Lorenz told Reuters.

“My daughter is three years old," Lorenz said. "When she's of driving age she'll be driving electric cars and I want her to enjoy vehicles like this."

Lunaz already electrifies other influential cars from the past, including models of the Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar. 

Soon, Lunaz will offer limited build slots for the Aston Martin DB4 as well as Bond's iconic DB5, which achieved pop-culture status following the 1964 release of "Goldfinger.”  

The tech improvements include upgrades to the brakes, suspension, steering, air conditioning and the electronic “infotainment” systems, with each car having a range of 255 miles.

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