'Jason Bourne' Rents Airbnb, Throws Wild Party in Home

Some partygoers stole items from the home and left the place trashed.

Imagine watching dozens of strangers partying in your home and some stealing your things — and there's nothing you can do to stop them.

That's what Charlie Brem says happened to him when he listed his Arizona home on Airbnb. He thought he was renting to a family of seven people while he was on a trip to Boston. But when he was away, a neighbor told him there was a loud party going on in the house.

Brem checked his security cameras and saw the rambunctious gathering for himself, while he was 2,600 miles away from his home in Tempe. 

Turns out, the renter had even used a phony name: Jason Bourne. As in, the fictional assassin played by Matt Damon.

"What's going on at my home?" he texted the renter.

"It's a little family get-together. It's not a party," the renter replied.

Police were called several times, and officers even wrote a citation for a noise complaint. But as the party ended, Brem watched helplessly as some partygoers walked out of his home with his clothes and belongings.

The unauthorized visitors trashed rooms, ruined furniture, stained floors and carpets, and ransacked closets. 

Brem said it could be a long time before he rents his home to strangers again.

Airbnb says it is investigating the incident and cooperating with law enforcement. The company says its insurance policy should cover all the damages.