Loggerhead Turtle Is Returned to Warm California Waters After Rescue

Rescued loggerhead sea turtleRescued loggerhead sea turtle
Getty Images

Seaworld Rescue and Turtles Fly Too worked together to rehabilitate a turtle that was suffering from pneumonia brought on by being cold-stunned in February.

The loggerhead turtle rescued in February has been returned to the water.

Ruth, an endangered juvenile loggerhead turtle, was found by animal rescuers suffering from the effects of being cold-stunned, according to People.

Being cold-stunned is a type of hypothermia that can affect sea turtles when ocean water has rapidly lowered in temperature.

This often occurs after abrupt seasonal changes or unseasonable drops in temperature. For Ruth, this led to a severe case of pneumonia.

Seaworld Rescue and Turtles Fly Too joined forces to assist in the turtle’s months-long recovery. Luckily, the duo was able to nurse Ruth back to health, and released her into La Jolla’s warm waters, making this Seaworld Rescue’s 2,889th reptile rescue.

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