Los Angeles Under Attack? City Sent Into Panic by Military Exercise

A helicopter landed in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard and troops could be seen rappelling onto rooftops.

Los Angeles got a good scare Monday night as a series of loud booms rocked downtown and military helicopters buzzed overhead.

But it was all just a drill, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The disturbances were part of military training exercises using weapons and aircraft in city environments. The drills will last through Saturday and will also be carried out in Long Beach.

“Residents may hear sounds associated with the training. Each location selected enables special operations teams and flight crews to maintain maximum readiness and proficiency, validate equipment and exercise standard safety procedures," the LAPD said in a statement. "The training is essential to ensure service members are fully trained and prepared to defend our nation overseas.”

Many residents, however, said they knew nothing about the exercises and took to social media to voice their discontent. 

Helicopters were seen zooming over Wilshire Boulevard, with soldiers rappelling onto rooftops below. One helicopter even set down in the street.