Man Caught in Avalanche Rescued, Thanks to Skier Who Spotted Snowboard Sticking Out of Snow

The snowboarder was shaken, but emerged unharmed.

A snowboarder was saved after being buried alive in an avalanche that struck a ski resort in California, all thanks to an eagle-eyed skier who spotted a piece of his snowboard.

Only the tip of Evan Huck's board was sticking out of the snow, and thanks to the skier, it's the reason he's alive following the incident at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.  

“He was very quiet, his lips were blue,” witness Heather Turning told Inside Edition.

Turning is seen in a video of the rescue brushing snow off Huck’s face.

“You can suffocate under one foot of snow if you’re not found,” Turning said.  

Huck was unharmed from the avalanche, but was shaken up as a result of the accident.