Man Claims Irate Passenger Punched His Pregnant and Deaf Fiancee and Their Service Dog on Plane

The couple claims his 20-weeks-pregnant wife and Great Dane were struck as the passengers waited to get off the plane.

There was mayhem on a plane as a man allegedly punched a deaf pregnant woman and a service dog on a flight to Orlando over the weekend. 

Matthew Silvay and Hazel Ramirez — a deaf couple — were traveling with their two kids and service dog on Frontier Airlines from Colorado Springs to Orlando Friday. 

The couple got into an argument with passenger Timothy Manley which started aboard the plane as they were getting ready to disembark. 

Silvay accused Manley of punching his service dog, and as the couple argued with Manley, they say he allegedly punched Ramirez, who is 20 weeks pregnant, in the stomach. 

As the couple disembarked, they were filmed apparently blocking the exit into the airport and building up traffic as passengers were trying to get off the plane. 

As Manley walked off the plane and into the airport, video captured Silvay shoving him to the ground. 

Both sides are speaking out to Inside Edition.

Manley says he never punched the dog. He says he was concerned the Great Dane might have aggravated his wife's allergies.

“The dog came over to me — I pushed it away, OK? I swatted it away from me. I wanted to make the dog very sure we didn't want it in our space,” he said. 

Manley says he is a dog lover and regrets being "rough" with the animal.

"I already did apologize to them but it wasn't accepted," he claimed. 

Manley also denies punching the pregnant woman. 

Inside Edition spoke to the couple.

"I looked back and I felt this bang, I looked down and he had his hand with a fist and I saw my dog looking up and he had just punched my dog," Silvay told Inside Edition through a sign language interpreter.

Inside Edition spoke to Silvay about how some people could see him as the aggressor after watching video of the incidents. 

"I think I was just upset... I was upset about my dog. I felt it was disrespectful for my dog and I am standing up for my dog."

Ramirez explained how she allegedly got hit. 

"I was standing where the gate is, where you come in, and I was walking and his hand punched me right in the stomach, touched me right in the stomach, and I fell back," she claims. 

No charges were filed and the Orlando Police Department says the incident is now being investigated by the FBI.