Man Linked to 5 Deaths, Including His Ex-Wife, Allegedly Confesses to Killing 16 People: Report

Sean Lannon has allegedly confessed to killing 16 people.
Sean Lannon.Handout

Sean Lannon claims he killed a total of 16 people, including his ex-wife, in several states, according to The Associated Press.

Authorities are investigating the claims of man who says he killed 16 people, including his ex-wife, in a crime spree across multiple states, according to The Associated Press.

Federal agents are assisting police in New Jersey and New Mexico to corroborate the admissions of Sean Lannon, 47, according to an unnamed official cited by the wire service.

Last week, authorities said in court documents that Lannon acknowledge the killings in a phone-call to a relative, who told investigators that he was remorseful about the alleged acts.

Investigators are reviewing missing persons reports to identify possible victims, the AP reported. Authorities are also looking at electronic records, surveillance videos and searching for possible witnesses. 

On March 5, the bodies of Lannon's ex-wife and three other people were discovered inside a car at the Albuquerque airport. Their causes of death have not been released. Three of the victims were reported missing in January. The four were identified as Jennifer Lannon, 39, Matthew Miller, 21, Jesten Mata, 40, and Randal Apostalon, 60.

Lannon has been charged with the death of Michael Dabowski, whose body was found in his New Jersey home on March 8, authorities said. Lannon is accused of breaking into Dabowski's house and beating the 66-year-old to death with a hammer, according to officials. 

Lannon told New Jersey authorities that Dabowski had sexually abused him when he was a child and that Dabowski attacked him first. He is being held without bail on charges of murder, robbery and burglary, authorities said.