Man Says He Will Sue Parents for Bringing Him Into the World Without His Consent

India man says he will sue his parents for bringing him into the world.

The internet lost its collective mind after a man in India said he was going to sue his parents for creating him without his permission.

"I want everyone in India and the world to realize that they are brought in this world without their consent ... they do not [owe] their parents anything and if we are born without our consent, we should be maintained for our life. We should be paid by our parents to live," says Raphael Samuel, 27, in a video posted to YouTube.

In it, he wears a fake mustache and beard.

Reaction was swift, with a lot of posters calling him an ingrate.

"Wow, I feel really normal compared to this fruitcake!" wrote one woman.

"What a worthless idiot," wrote another. "Like so many, wants to take no responsibility for himself and expects someone else to take care of him."

Another post, which Samuel said comes from his mother, reads:

Samuel identifies himself as a follower of "anti-natalism," a belief that assigns a negative value to being born because life entails suffering and pain.

The Mumbai man did not say where he intends to file his suit.

"Do not do anything for your parents if you do not want to," he said. "Parents should not treat their children lie investments or insurance policies."


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