Meet the 'Super Agers' Who Are Out to Prove You're Only as Old as You Feel

A squad of 70- to 80-year-old women took to a basketball court in California to flaunt their skills.

Researchers have identified a group of individuals called “super agers,” people in their 70s and 80s who have the mental or physical capability of those decades younger.

Recently, high school students in San Diego witnessed several women, who could have been their grandmothers, playing each other on a basketball court.  

The ladies sank shots with the same ease as players in their 20s.

The so-called “super agers” are those who age much slower than their peers because they keep active physically and mentally.

Marge, 79, played basketball in high school, and now finds the game even more enjoyable.

“It's much more aggressive, much more fun,” she said. 

The women are part of the San Diego Senior Women's Basketball Association, practicing at least twice a week and playing in games every weekend.

Jeannie, 77, hadn't played basketball for 30 years before recently joining the league.

“I felt like I was 15 again,” she told Inside Edition. 

One woman, Linaya, 77, says basketball is her secret to staying young.

“I say this is the fountain of youth,” she claimed.