Megyn Kelly Formally Walks Away From NBC With $69 Million

Megyn Kelly Formally Walks Away From NBC With $69 Million
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Megyn Kelly and NBC have officially split, but not before she walks away with a fortune.

The former “Megyn Kelly Today” Show host is slated to be paid out the remaining $30 million of her $69 million three year contract with the network.

"The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC,” the network said.

Kelly stopped appearing on the third hour of the morning show in October, after suggesting blackface was an “acceptable” Halloween costume. Those comments drew swift and fierce backlash.

According to CNN, that was the last straw between Kelly and NBC executives, who were reportedly dissatisfied with slipping ratings and growing tensions.

The exact terms of Kelly’s negotiations are unclear.

However, it looks like she may be making some sort of come back to television. When paparazzi caught up with Kelly on Thursday, she told them, “You will definitely see me back on.”

Kelly’s representatives have not commented further.


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