Melania Trump Bumped by Baby Elephant While on Safari During Africa Trip

The first lady was pushed back by the creature, but laughed it off.

Melania Trump may have gotten a little too close to the wildlife on her Africa trip.

Now in Kenya, the first lady's solo venture from the White House took her to Nairobi National Park where she fed a baby elephant and went on safari. 

At one point inside the park, Melania Trump laughed as she was pushed back by a playful baby elephant. 

The famously private first lady is displaying a buoyant mood, which has been noticed around the world.

CNN's Kate Bennett, who is with the first lady, tweeted: "I have covered @flotus for almost two years and have never seen her smile and laugh more than she is now with these baby elephants."

On Friday, she visited The Nest in Nairobi, an orphanage, where she danced with the children. 

The first lady was told about the conditions the children face and their backgrounds, according to The Associated Press. 

Mrs. Trump, who landed in Africa Tuesday, will next also travel to Malawi and Egypt before returning to America.