'Meth Burrito,' Bear Spray, Bullets in Deodorant: The TSA’s Most Unusual Confiscated Items of 2021

Meth Burrito

The list also included a chainsaw, fireworks, and a machete.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a list of the most the 10 most unusual items they confiscated last year, CBS News reported.

The list was released Monday on Twitter and certainly has some head-scratching items including a so-called “meth burrito,” bullets found in deodorant, bear spray and even a chainsaw.

The Twitter post contained a top 10 countdown featuring the items and almost seemed to parody the famous offbeat lists David Letterman used to announce each night during his tenure on “The Late Show.”

Here is the full list of what the agency calls its top confiscated items of 2021 in the airports they were taken:

1.    Chainsaw - New Orleans International Airport
2.    Gun-themed wine holder - Sacramento International Airport
3.    Fireworks - Syracuse Hancock International Airport (New York)
4.    Machete - Reagan National Airport (Washington, D.C.)
5.    Bear spray - Destin/Fort Walton Beach Airport (Florida)
6.    Cleaver - Harrisburg International Airport (Pennsylvania)
7.    Firearm buckle - Honolulu International Airport
8.    Meth burrito - Hobby International Airport (Texas)
9.    Pistol - Newark International Airport
10.  Bullets in deodorant - Atlantic City International Airport (New Jersey)

The TSA also announced that last year marked the highest number of guns ever confiscated in its history, with 5,674 guns stopped by agents at checkpoints inside airports, CBS News reported. At least 85% of the confiscated firearms were loaded with ammunition, the TSA told CBS News in December.

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