Michigan 3-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life After Running Home to Get Help: 'It Makes Me Really Proud'

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A Michigan mom has her 3-year-old daughter to thank for saving her life. 

The terrifying scenario unfolded Saturday as Jessa Lavely went for a walk with her daughter, Savannah, and their dog. Lavely suffered a seizure and fell unconscious. Savannah, however, knew just what to do. 

"Savannah ran home to get my parents," Lavely told InsideEdition.com.

In a moment recorded by the family's home security system, Savannah bangs on her front door to tell her grandparents what happened. 

"I ran home," the 3-year-old old recounted. "I get grampy and granny."

Lavely said Savannah told them her mom had fallen and needed help.

She said she’d suffered seizures in the past but was surprised by this one because she felt fine beforehand.

Thankfully, Lavely’s parents called 911 and transported her to the hospital. Later that evening, she found out how brave little Savannah had been.

"At first, I was in shock that she was able to do that," Lavely said. “It makes me really proud. I mean it’s surprising, but then it’s not because she has always been an incredible child. Since day 1, she has been nothing short of amazing to us."


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